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Agricultural Revolution
Neolithic-1908 AD
FarmerWe have several periods of agricultural development. The Neolithic humans shifted from hunting food gathering to farms and husbandry in established towns, Thousands of years later Britain developed agriculture which concentrated on better land use, crop rotation and better husbandry. Within the last century scientist using genetic engineering, insect/pest control and industrialized husbandry caused an explosion in per acre production. With each stage the working conditions, machine use and the income of the farmers, herders and ranchers changed our world.
World History American History Age of Progress Social Studies
World History American History Age of Progress Social Studies
Online Books
Introduction to Biotechnology: An Agricultural Revolution by Ray V. Herren
The Agricultural Revolution in England by Mark Overton
The Agricultural Revolution in Prehistory: Why Did Foragers become Farmers? by Graeme Barker
The Consequences of Domestication & Sedentisms by Emily A. Schultz & Robert H. Lavenda
Neolithic Farming Medieval Farming Modern Farming Genetic Engineering
Wikipedia Flow of History Global Food Security Union of Concern Scientist History Today Wikipedia
Neolithic Revolution Janken Myrdal Future Agriculture LiveStrong
Weisdolf Article The Finer Times Wikipedia
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