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Art Resources
SubjectsArt: Creating something that expresses feelings, emotions, fears, hopes and enjoyment using multiple mediums such as paint, pencil, ink, music, photography and computer graphics.
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Art Painting Careers History Frames Mats Museums  
Online Resources  
Arts Initiative Advocate Teaching Art Journal Articles on art
Old Magazine Articles Albright Knox Art Games Art News Jerry's Artarama Free Art lessons
National Endowment of the Arts Federal agency
Student Art Guide Resources Art Safari Animals in Art
Wikipedia Information Education Index Resources for Art
ArtNet Artists share their art Teaching Ideas Concepts classroom
ThoughtCo Art History Terry Arroyo Mulrooney Tips Ideas, advice
Incredibleart Student Resources ArtLex - Art Dictionary Reference material
WWAR Resources Scholarly Articles
Education Tools Online Books
How To Teach Advice to Improve A Complete Guide for the Classroom
Sheet Music Teaching Art with Books Kids Love: Teaching Art....
Art21 The Art of Teaching Art: A Guide for Teaching...
National Art Education Association Teaching Music
J. Paul Getty Museum Teaching Music Through Composition...
EdTechReview Teaching Dance as Art in Education
Incredible Art Department A Practical Guide to Teaching Dance
Art Museum Teaching Dance Theory in Practice for Teachers.....
Statistics Journals
Statistia Art Journal Open
Art Statistics WikiHow to Use an Art Journal
NEA Art Journalist-Tutorials Information
NYU Library Jennebellie Art Journal Blog
Americans for the Arts Daisy Yellow Art Videos
Lesson Plans Work Sheets Podcasts/Blogs
Incredible Art Incredible art Podcasts/Blogs
The Teacher's Guide TeacherVision Alyson Stanfield Art Blog/Podcasts
TeacherVision Art Curator for kids ArtsEdge Media Edge
Dick Blick Incredible Art Smithsonian Art Museum
National Gallery of Art TeAchnology National Art Gallery