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Video Astrometry
Planet Hunting Techniques
Finding and Identify Asteroids and Comets
Methods to Detect Exoplanets
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AstronomyAstronomy: The scientific study of the Galaxies, Stars, Nebulae, Solar Systems and the Universe. It deals with a celestial object's relationship to the Earth, size, position, composition, motion, evolution and energy. Astronomers use telescopes, satellites, computers, space stations and observatories to study the universe.
Astronomy: The scientific study of the Galaxies, Stars, Solar Systems and the Universe.
Science Cosomology Astrophysics The Universe
Astronomy Galactic Astrophysics Universe
Cosmology Stars Glossary
Cosmology Stars Solar System Glossary
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Articles Books Videos
Astrometric Techniques
Astrometric Techniques
Astrometric Measurement
Astrometry Techniques Used to Find Extrasolar Planets
Methods Detecting Extrasolar Planets
Sensitivity Astrometric Technique in Detecting Outer Planets
Dynamics of Space Flight
NASA Kids Page Student Spaceflight Experimental Program Document Library
Space Station Educator's Guide Student Spaceflight Experimental..
Goddard Space Flight Center Johnson Space Center Office of Education | NASA
Celebrating Space Exploration Educator Resources | National Air and Space Museum
Student Spaceflight Experimental Program-Teacher and Student Resources
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EESA Scholorpedia Planetary Society Global Telescope Network
Wikipedia ASPENS Database How to do Astrometry
NASA Universe Today Other Planetary Systems
Minor Planet Center Scholarly Articles Astrometry/Celestial Mechanics