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Glossary Safety Terms
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Internet Safety
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Crime Safety Tips and Videos

CareerCrime: an act or oversight which has the potential to upset a society and can be prosecuted by public officials such as the police or sheriff's office.
Crime Prevention Videos Crime Prevention Videos and Tips
To help you understand how to prevent crime.
Online Videos
Boise State University
West Yorkshire Police
City of La Mesa California
McGruff the Crime Dog in Samantha's Choice
OWL Doorstep Crime
San Jose Police Department
San Jose Police-Auto Thief
Mc Gruff The Crime Dog
Global News Apartment crime prevention
Online Tips
Ann Arundel Community College
Crime Prevention Tips for Senior Citizens
Baltimore County Crime Prevention Tips
Snopes-Crime Prevention Tips
Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Prevention
Norton-Internet Cybercrime Prevention
Charlotte Mecklinberg Police Department
Gustavus-College Safety Tips
Campus Crime and Personal Safety Tips
National Crime Prevention Counsel- Home and Neighborhood Safety
National Crime Prevention Counsel-Violent Crime and Personal Safety
Clark County Prosecuting Attorney-Crime Prevention Tips for Seniors
Lenexa-Work Place Crime Prevention Tips
Safety Videos Safety Videos and Tips
To help keep you safe and secure in your school and home.
Online Videos
Fire Safety in your home
USDA Food safety
Texas Attorney General School Safety 
Howstuffworks-General Safety
WatchKnowLearn-General Safety
Netsmart-General Safety
Nesteens-General Safety
Netsmartkids-General Safety
YouTube-Home Safety
YouTube-School Safety
YouTube-Driving Safety
YouTube-Fire Safety
YouTube-Holiday Safety
YouTube-Shopping Safety
Online Tips
Global News
NY Public Library
Forbes-Safety Tips for Ten Topics
Drexel University-General Topics
National Children's Advocacy-Internet Safety
Fight Back on Spring Break
American Academy of Pediatrics
National Safety Council Winter Tips
CDC-Summer Safety Tips
Charollette Mecklengurg Police
National Fire Prevention Association
National Crime Prevention Councel