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Death and The Afterlife

DeathThe theories and concepts of what happens after a person dies. Different religions, societies, cultures and civilizations have different views of what happens upon the individual's death. It often reflects the way of life and values of each society and culture.
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Religion Philosophy Psychology Organizations Sociology
Online Books
The Tibetan Book of the Dead

Life After Death: The Evidence

By Dinesh D'Souza
Egyptian Book of the Dead

Life After Death: The Burden of Proof

 By Deepak Chopra

Life After Death: A Study of the Afterlife in World Religions

By Farnáz Maʻsúmián

Life After Death: Problems of the Future Life and Its Nature

By James Hervey Hyslop

Life After Death: A History of the Afterlife in Western Religion

By Alan Segal
Death Loss and Bereavement C. E. Watkins, M.D.G Brynes. Ph.D., M.D.
Did Plato Believe in Reincarnation? John S. Uebersax, PhD
Karma, Reincarnation and Near Death Experience
Reincarnation as Taught By Early Christians By I. M. Oderberg
ClifNotes Lensculture HowStuffWorks Wikipedia Afterlife Psychology Today
N.D.E.s Glossary Spiritual Search Wikipedia Death Islam Guide View New Scientist Moyers Dying Encyclopedia Sociology Death/Dying
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Discovery Channel Egypt and the Afterlife
Life after Death Information British Museum Egypt Book of The Dead
BellaOnline-Interactive site-Fill in the blanks on your life style and it will calculate your lifespan
CNN Interactive Map of the Leading Causes of Death in The United States
Wikipedia Catholic Encyclopedia Jewish Virtual Library Christianity and Reincarnation
Chadad Jayadvaita Swami Vedanta Philosophy Vedic Knowledge Online
Glossary Wandering Souls Scholarly Articles Questions on Islam