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Teacher Resources
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Educational Issues
Educational Issues 
TeachersCurrent legal, social, economic and political  issues that face our educational systems. Society has to decide what roll our governments will play in the schools, who will pay for the schools, what will be the curriculum of our schools, what strategies and methods will direct our schools and how much will the parents, churches and civic organizations play in the development of our systems.
Articles Education Systems Securitry Bully Discipline
Articles Books Videos Education Systems Security Bullying Discipline 
Common Core Grants and Funding Methods Strategies Education Laws
Common Core Grants and Funding Management Strategies Laws
Online Resources 
NEA Education Week Teach for America Christian Science Monitor
CSMonitor Current Issues The Politics of Distraction
School Reform Media Education Wikipedia Information Almanac of Policy Issues
Moral Issues Edu.Matters Wikipedia Edu. Reform Edu. Week Research
TeAchnology Jay Mathews Wikipedia Reform Education Commission
Google Scholarly Articles Pros-Cons on Controversial  Issues
Topical Resources 
FindLaw Pro-Con History Wikipedia American Federation of Teachers
Class Size 
ERIC Public Schools EFAcademy Center for Public Education  
Quality and Excellence 
Kids Today J. Goldberg Article    
Teacher Pay and Benefits 
Pro-Con Merit Pay Teach for America Elementary    
Teacher Accountability 
Educational Research Education Week Education Next Education Post  
Student Accountability 
ERIC eHow Edutopia Advance Ed National Education Association
Parental Accountability 
AASA Classroom Interpretation Ezine Magazine Laws and Parents  
Wraparound Education 
NEA AFT Wraparound Lucille Eber Center American Progress
PBIS Understood Education World Teach Hub Real Clear Education
Classroom NY Times NDT Resource Center US Dept of Education