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Ethnic Diversity (Multiculturalism) Resources

Ethnic Diversity
Ethnic Diversity
Ethnic Diversity: the study of the majority and many minorities in any given society. It tries to find ways for individuals and society as a whole to understand the way others live, learn, worship and interact with their neighbors. With the advancement of climate change, political instability, wars, terrorism and religious persecution many countries now are seeing a growth in the number of immigrants.
Social Studies Government Geography Foreign Languages Immigration Racism Refugees
Social Studies Government Geography Languages Immigration Racism Refugees
Online Books

Diversity in America

 By Vincent N. Parrillo


Cultural Diversity & Academic Achievement Article by  B.T. Bowman

Women of Prague: Ethnic Diversity and Social Change from the Eighteenth ...

By Wilma Iggers

American Multicultural Studies: Diversity of Race, Ethnicity, Gender and ...

By Sherrow O. Pinder

The Psychology of Ethnic Groups in the United States

By Pamela Balls Organista, Gerardo Marin, Kevin M. Chun
Culture Division of the United Nations Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity
Convention Protection & Promotion of..Diversity Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity
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Race, Democracy and Culture Foundation of Endangered Languages
The Challenge of Human Rights & Cultural Diversity
United Nations Background Notes by Diana Ayton-Shenker
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