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Documentary About Weather and the World
Basics of Geography: Climate
Nova-Climate of Doubt
Annenberg Learner-The Habitable Planet
NASA-Oceans and Climate
Climate Refugees
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OMIC International
AGW Observer
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GeographyClimate  is the prevailing weather conditions (winds, temperature, air pressure, humidity, rain, sunshine, and cloudiness) of a region or the earth over a long period of time i.e. decades, centuries and longer periods of time. Weather on the other hand is the condition of a region or Earth over a short period of time such as days or weeks.
Geography Climate Change Science Earth Science NASA NOAA
Geography Change Science Earth Science NASA NOAA
Weather Disaster Climate Reports Glossary Pollution Social Studies
Weather Disasters Reports Glossary Pollution Social Studies
Online Books
Civilization and Climate The Climate of the Earth Encyclopedia of Climate & Weather
Weather and Climate ...Climate: Past & Future e-Study Guide for: Earth's Climate
Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather

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NASA Climate Central Climate Reality Scholarly Articles
Climate Zone Climate Institute World Climate World Climate Data
Clear Sky Climate Kids Zoom Astronomy  
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NASA Science Direct Council on Foreign Relations
Columbia Live Science University of Washington Climate Prediction Center
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