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Educational Grants and Funding
AdministrationThe methods by which educational institutions receive and utilize money. Money for schools comes from state, federal, county and city governments. At times individuals do donate money and schools have to have fund drives but the state institutions are their primary source of money.
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Grants for School Libraries
Public Funding of Higher Education: Changing Contexts and New Rationales
Money & Schools
Funding Inclusive Education: The Economic Realities
Communicating School Finance
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Dept. Education Education World Funding Tips
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GovSpot-Advice Ezine Article-How to Write One
Government School Funding Debate Ezine Federal Education Project Funding of Schools
American Library Association US Dept of Education PBS Articles with Judy Woodruff  
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Wikipedia US Dept. of Ed. Education Grants Government Funding Resources
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Fundsnet GetFunding School Funding Center European Commission
Houghton Mifflin's Education Place Why American Schools are having Funding Problems
Edutopia National School Access National Endowment of the Arts