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Home Economics Resources
ParentsHome Economics (family and consumer sciences, human ecology, home science): The subject that teaches the management and economics of running a home. It includes subjects such as consumer education institutional management, home furnishing, clothing, nutrition, textiles, consumer education, interior design, cleaning, sewing,  hygiene,  handicrafts, home furnishing, food preservation, child development, managing money, family relationships, institutional management, and sex education.
Home Economics
Home Economics
Parenting HUD FDA CDC Department of Agriculture Glossary
Parenting HUD FDA CDC Dept  Ag. Glossary
Online Books
Home Economics: A Practical Guide in Every Branch of Housekeeping
Home Economics: a Study Outline
Home Economics In Action Book 3
Rethinking Home Economics: Women and the History of a Profession
Home Economics Homework for Grown-ups Extension programs in home economics
Home Economics in Secondary School Modules: a Strategy in Teaching Home Economics
Online Resources
Wikipedia University of Florida National Extension Association..
Cornell Education Index International Fed. of Home Ec.
Hearth Homepage Federation for Home Ec. US Census Bureau Families
Calif. Dept of Edu. Home Ec. Institute of Australia Family Consumer Science
Lesson Plans
Penn State Resources Teacher Vision Washington State Culinary Arts Programs  
TeAchnology Education World
Work Sheets
Kaessey Stem Learning Food a Fact of Life Printable Worksheets  
Miss Griffin's Home Economics Mrs. Glade's Home Economics