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Middle School Student Science

The systematic study that organizes knowledge by testable explanations and predictions of our universe.
Middle School
Middle School
Science Fair Projects
Science Fair Projects
Little Known Facts
1. Science Kids Science Facts
2. 15 Fascinating Lesser-Known Science Facts - Listverse
3. 50 Interesting Science Facts - Immense Knowledge
4. 100 Interesting Science Facts - Zarius
5. Interesting Science Facts-Buzzle
Online Resources
Bill Nye Articles Homeworkspot Virtual Middle School
Science Glossary Virtual Websites Middle School Net
BBC Primary Games Science Spot How Stuff Works
NASA Discovery Kids Nutrition for Kids Apple 4 the Teacher
Seasons NASA Students General Science Kids Corner Animals
Detecting The Truth Activities & Quizzes Science Made Simple
Immense Knowledge Top Science Websites for Kids
Zoom PBS Kids Chemistry | Engineering | The Five Senses | Forces | Life Science | Patterns | Sound | Structures | Water
Wristco Home Science: Plastic Bootle Projects Written by Michele Wheat
Hiccup's Science Workshop (Partner)
This website features science projects and experiments you could easily do at home. It also features science news for kids, free printable and worksheets with a focus on the earth sciences and the scientific method. This site also contains games that charge. Please consult with your parents before using them.