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Native Americans

Thousands of years ago Humans migrated from Northern Asia and gradually moved south and east in North and South America. They developed unique ways of farming, warfare, religion and living. Over the centuries they reached great heights of civilization in North, Central and South America. Starting with the contact with the Europeans and perhaps Asians, their civilizations and culture rapidly disappeared.
Latin America Native American War Mountain Men Culture Interaction Glossary
Latin America Wars Mountain men Culture Interaction Glossary
Ethnic Diversity
Ethnic Diversity
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Native Americans

By Brendan January

Native Americans at the Time of the Explorers

By Steven Otfinoski

Native American Issues

By Paul C. Rosier


Handbook of Native American Literature

By Andrew Wiget


Native American History

By J. E. Luebering


Native American Studies

By Clara Sue Kidwell

Native America: A History

By Michael Leroy Oberg

Native Americans: An Encyclopedia of History, Culture, and Peoples by B. Pritzker

The Wisdom of the Native Americans: Including the Soul of an Indian and...edited by Kent Nerburn

Native Americans: The Indigenous Peoples of North America By Fiona Reynolds

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