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Human Evolution

EvolutionHuman Evolution is based on the findings of Archaeologist, Anthropologist, Biologist, Paleontologist and other associated scientist. Human history has it's beginnings in the Rift Valley Africa some three million years ago. Slowly over the eons the species changed physically, mentally, spiritually and culturally. With these changes humans began to conquer their environment and develop new ways of hunting, farming, manufacturing and fighting. Today we have reached a pinnacle and we must now must make decisions about our technology, culture, science, environment, society and the next human adventure. Cro-Magnons Neanderthals
Anthropology Archaeology Great Human Ages         Articles Darwin
Anthropology Archaeology Human Ages Articles/Books Charles Darwin
Science Bio-Science Archaeology Comparision of Cro-Magnon Neanderthals
Science Bio-Science World History Pre-Historic Upper Paleolithic
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BBC Scholarly Articles Origins of Modern Humans
PBS Evolution Directory Early Human Evolution
Wikipedia Becoming Human The Talk Origins Archive
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InfoPlease Smithsonian The Human Origins
Wikipedia Time Line National Geographic Society
Smithsonian Time Line Smithsonian Homo Sapiens
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