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Elementary School English  Resources 

Elementary English Teacher Resources
TeachersEnglish: a part of curriculum which is based in the language of The United Kingdom.
It includes reading, writing and understanding its culture.
English Methods and Theories Teaching Strategies Library Skills Resources
Glossary  Management Strategies Library Skills  Resources
Online Books
Balancing Reading & Language Learning: A Resource for Teaching English ...

How Children Learn

 By John Holt
Teaching with the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts, Grades 3-5
Handbook of Research on Teaching the English Language Arts
Writing Like Writers: Guiding Elementary Children Through a Writer's Workshop
Online Resources  
ESOL Scholarly Articles
Poetry Can Teach
Wikipedia Reading Comprehension
Spelling Grammar Composition
U Otter Read It Susan Rowan Masters
Strategies Children's Literature
Worksheets Training Wheels for Literacy
Lesson Plans Elementary English
Read Write Think Sites for Teachers
Teaching Tools Instructional Materials
Pro Teacher Poetry Daily Writing Prompts
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