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Preschool Early Childhood Curriculum Resources
TeachersPreschool: The Period of Childhood from birth to first grade. The curriculum involves the basics in mathematics, science, social studies, English and physical education. If successful a student will have a fulfilling experience in the upper levels of education. 
Preschool Education
Online Books
Introduction to Early Childhood Education
Inclusive Early Childhood Education: Development, Resources, and Practice
Early Childhood Curriculum , Planning, Assessment, and Implementation Study Guide...Just the Facts
e-Study Guide for: Contemporary Perspectives on Early Childhood Education by ...Study Guide
Early Childhood Education: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Online Resources
edutopia Scholastic Apple4Teacher Education Resource Center
Big Chalk Schools of Dragon Scholarly Articles Learning Resources Center
ABC Teach Busy Teacher Sites for Teachers Internet4Classroom
EdHelper Education World AtoZ Teacher Preschool Express
Jumpstart EarlyChildhood Teaching Channel  
Prekinder-Hands On Learning Activities National Assoc. for Family Childcare Centers
US Dept of Education Early Learning Resources National Institute of Early Education Research
KinderArt Crayola Incredible Art Funderstanding
Musikgarten Lets Play Music Songs for Teaching Teaching 2 & 3..
Pre K Pages Recess Moves NAEYC ERIC
Social Studies
WCESC Scholastic Jumpstart NCSS
Jumpstart Happy Hooligans  
Little Bins for Little Hands
Language Arts
NAEYC Kidzone Brighthub Education World