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Myths, Fairy Tales and Folklore: Journals 
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ReligionMythology: a method of explaining the unknown through stories. Most mythologies involve a god, goddess or a gallery of gods and goddesses and their interaction with humans. They always reflect the founder's society and the traditions at the time of their creation.
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Online Books
The Golden Bough: A Study of Magic and Religion

Asian Mythologies

 By Yves Bonnefoy, Wendy Doniger

African Mythology

By Sandra Giddens, Owen Giddens


Mythology: The Age of Fable, The Age of Chivalry, Legends of Charlemagne

 By Thomas Bulfinch

African Mythology, A to Z

By Patricia Ann Lynch, Jeremy Roberts

Handbook of Native American Mythology By Dawn Elain Bastian, Judy K. Mitchell

Native American Mythology A to Z By Facts on File, Incorporated

Australian, Aboriginal

Mythology: Myths, Legends and Fantasies

 By Struik Publishers
Indigenous Literature of Oceania: A Survey of Criticism and Interpretation By Nicholas J. Goetzfridt

Classical Mythology: A Very Short Introduction

By Helen Morales
Bulfinch' Mythology 
Online Resources
Mythica Fact Monster Scholarly Articles   Calagary University
Wikipedia 42Explore
Mythweb InfoPlease Greek Mythology Windows2theUniverse
Theoi Crystallinks  Ancient History Egyptian Mythology
Teacheroz Shmoop Behind the Names New World Encyclopedia Olympics Great Books on Line Folklore Myths & Legends