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ReligionThe Chinese philosopher,who lived 551 BC 479BC, his writings and editing of the Chinese classic texts which include the Five Classics and Analects. These and his teachings became the foundation of Chinese society.
Little Known Facts:
1. "His name is a Latinized version of his Chinese honorific Kong Fuzi, literally meaning Master Kong.... his family and personal name together was Kong Qiu. Read more at Quora
2. " He believed that a leader needed to exercise self-discipline in order to remain humble and treat his followers with compassion" Read and hear more at
3. "Not strictly religious, the teachings of Confucius were a utilitarian approach to social harmony and defined moral obligations between individuals and social systems."Read more at Fact Monster
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Online Books 
Chinese Philosopher and Teacher by Michael Burgan
A Life of Thought and Politics by Ann-ping Chin
A Throneless King by Meher McArthur
His Life and Thought by S. Kaizuka G. Bownas

Chinese Philosopher by Wendy Conklin

Confucius and Confucianism: The Essentials

By L.D. Rainey
A Basic Confucius: An Introduction to the Wisdom and and Advice of China's.. By Kuijie Zhuous
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