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ReligionChristianity: the belief system established on the teachings of Jesus (of Nazareth) Christ as expressed by the New Testament. It has several denominations which include Protestants, Catholics and Orthodox. Each denomination expresses its beliefs, dogmas and traditions as it interprets the Bible.
Religion Cathlolic  Protestants  Orthodox Bible Jesus Glossary of Religious and Spiritual Temrs Founder
Religion Catholic Protestant Orthodox Bible Jesus Glossary Founders
Online Books
A History of Christianity Beginning to 1500 by Kenneth Latourette


by Roland Herbert Bainton

Christianity: Behaviour, Attitudes & Lifestyles

by Joanne Cleave

Christianity and Roman Society

by Gillian Clark

History of Christianity: Comprising All that Relates to the Progress of the ...

by Edward Gibbon, Peter Eckler

The Heart of Christianity: Rediscovering a Life of Faith

by Marcus J. Borg
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