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Global Challenges

SociologyProblems, issues and challenges that face the human race. Problems and challenges have always been part of human existence. Today we face issues that are unique to our state of affairs. They need to be recognized and dealt with legislatively, culturally and in ways that are fair and equitable.
Abortions Aging Campaign Financing Capital Punishment Censorship
Abortions Aging Campaign Finances Capital Punishment Censorship
Seperation of Church and State Civil Rights Crime Debt and Deficits Ethnic Diversity
Church/State Civil Rights Crime Debt/Deficit Diversity
Disaster Domestic Violence Drug Abuse Energy Problems Education
Disasters Domestic Abuse  Drugs Energy Education
Climate Change Gun Control Health Homelessness Human Trafficking
Environment Gun Control Health Homelessness Trafficking
Hunger Immigration Overpopulation Peace Political Unrest
Hunger Immigration Population Peace Instability
Pollution Poverty Racism Refugees Religious Wars
Pollution Poverty  Racism Refugees Religious Wars
Terrorism Sexual Equality Unemployment Voting War
Terrorism Sexual Equality Unemployment Voting War 
Ethnic Diversity Government Economics Social Studies Current Events
 Diversity Government  Economics Social Studies  Current Events 
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