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Children With Special Needs: Liza at TEDxYouth@IsaacDickson
Special Needs & Special Gifts | Dawn J. Fraser | TED@NewYork
Learning Different: The Truth About Special Education | Gabi Telemaco | TEDxYouth@AnnArbor
Learning Disability in Higher Education... | Lexie Garrity | TEDxVanderbiltUniversity
College - possible for students with intellectual disabilities | Edie Cusack | TEDxCharleston
Let's Talk About Intellectual Disabilities: Loretta Claiborne at TEDxMidAtlantic
Reimagining Disability & Inclusive Education | Jan Wilson | TEDxUniversityofTulsa
What is Speical Education What is an IEP
IDEA: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act: History and Summary
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Special Education (Special Needs)

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Special Education are the curriculum programs designed to help students with special needs that recognizes  their individual differences. The programs involve unique equipment, individual attention, specialized teachers, individual planning and materials. The process involves specialized testing, evaluation and the development of an Individualized Education Program.
Disability Glossary  Guidance  Library  Organizations
Disability Articles Glossary  Guidance    Library  Organizations
Learning Disability
Special Education
Online Books
Special Education: A Summary of Legal Requirements, Terms, and Trends
Special Education: Yearbook of the European Association for Education Law ...
Special Education: A Reference Handbook
Theorizing Special Education
A Parent's Guide to Special Education: Insider Advice on how to Navigate the ...
Reading Rocket Teach Magazine Digital Commons Network
Education Week EDUTOPIA NEA Advice for New Teachers
NASET Educational Research Journal of Special Education
Emotional Disability
Emotional Disability
Online Books
Google Online Books  
Teaching Students with Emotional Disturbance: A Practical Guide for ...
Emotional and Behavioral Problems: A Handbook for Understanding and Handling ...
Disability Awareness: 24 Lessons for the Inclusive Classroom 
Articles Scholarly Articles Concordia University Portland
Best Practices Child Mind Institute Journal of Special Education
Scholar Works Education Corner ERIC Co-Teaching
Learning Disability
Learning Disability
Online Books
Learning Disabilities by Shayn Neuwith
Learning Disabilities Towards Inclusion
Learning Disabilities: Theoretical and Research Issues
Inclusive Research with People with Learning Past Present and Future
VeryWell Scholarly Articles Child and Youth Health
Reading Rocket Teaching Community Learning Disabilities Association.. Child Mind Institute SAGE Journals
Physical Disability
Physical Disability 
Online Books
Ultimate Teen Guide
American Culture Literature
Fitness Programs
Disability in the Movies
The Effective Teacher's Guide to Sensory Impairment and Physical ...
Education World Scholarly Articles Vanderbilt University
ThoughtCo Special Needs Almanac Australian Disability Clearing House
Reading Rockets Bright Hub Education Texas AM Disability Services
Gifted Programs
Gifted Program
Online Books
Advocacy for Gifted Children and Gifted Programs
The Survival Guide for Teachers of Gifted Kids: How to Plan, Mange, and Evaluate Gifted Youth k-12

Instruments & Evaluation Designs Used in Gifted Programs

Enhancing and Expanding Gifted Programs: The Levels of Service Approach
Gifted Children Scholarly Articles John Hopkins University
Scholastic National Association.. Child Development Institute
SAGE Journals We Are Teachers Early Entrance Foundation
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