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United States (American) History: the study of the United States history from the advent of the Native Americans to the present. The United States, as a country, spans over two centuries. Founded as a great democratic experiment it has survived a major civil war, growth and expansion, two major world wars, numerous economic turmoil's, constant struggles of groups and individuals to gain denied rights, now it is facing challenges in a world of growing authoritarian rule, terrorism, economic insecurity, and climate change.
American History
US History
Online Books
Google Books United States History Books
American History a Short Introduction
Who's Who in American History: Leaders, Visionaries and Icons Who Shaped Our Nation
A People's History of the United States:1492-Present
Online Articles
Smithsonian Scholarly Articles Inquiries Journal Social Science Art..... The Conversation Un. of Washington Tacoma Library Wikipedia United States History for Kids
Newsela UWF Library Guide University of Mississippi Library
Am. University Wikipedia American Historical Association
American Historical Association United States History: History Journals
Suwanne University of the South Organization of American Historians
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