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ParentsVacation: Taking an extended period of time away from work for rest and relaxation. With the pressure our modern world we need the time to turn off the computer, tablet and cell phone and get away to those far away places with strange sounding names and just relax.
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1. Plan but don't over plan. Make sure you understand what you want to see hear and experience, but make room, space and time for spontaneity and unintended occurrences.
2. Confirm your reservations at the hotel, parks, recreation areas, planes, trains and ships.
3. If traveling abroad, convert your cash to match the currency of your destination.
4. If you have pets, see to their safety and comfort in the automobile (don't put them on the top of your car), train or plane.
5. Check to see if your destination accept pets and provide food and water. 
6. Suspend your mail and newspaper, contact your home security company and ask a neighbor  to keep an eye on your home.
7. Watch your credit cards and cash carefully. Cards can easily be scanned or stolen and should be used wisely.
8. Pack carefully and lightly. Remember airlines have restrictions and fees for your baggage.
9. Check your camera and video equipment for battery power and malfunctions. You would hate to arrive at your destination and discover the batteries lack power and the camera does not work.
10. Go to our page Photography and get helpful hints to make your photography and videography the best ever.
11. Check with your cell phone company about access and charges at your destination. Some units don't operate and charges and roaming fees could be immense.
12. In planning for travel in foreign countries research their customs, traditions and travel warnings. Many of a vacation has been disrupted by a gaff, misunderstanding and lack of understanding.
13. A new method of theft has developed. It involves your cell phone. Criminals have developed a method of stealing your information by establishing a fake WiFi in a vacation destination (hotel, restaurant, resorts etc). They will establish a WiFi similar to your hotel ie John Smith Hotel Connect will be called WiFi John Smith Hotel. You will assume it is the hotels free WiFi and be connected. Our advice is to contact the front desk or management and verify that the WiFi you are being connected to is legitimate.
14. Check the weather forecasts of your destination. The following are good locations: Weather Channel, Accuweather, WeatherUnderground, and NOAA,