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Parental Advice and Resources
ParentsParent: an individual or combination of individuals who are responsible for protecting, educating, disciplining and raising a child.
Here are internet resources to help and guide your relationship with your children. Sometimes your relationship can be difficult but hang in there and always love them unconditionally.
Parents Articles Parenting Elementary Family Middle School Parents High School Parent First Day of School
Parents Articles/Books Parenting Elementary Middle High First Day
Online Books Health Insurance
What Really Counts Insure Kids Now: State-by-State Coverage Map
Dynamic Perspective The Affordable Care Act & Adolescents
Unconditional Parenting... Kids Health Advice and Tips
Parenting with Dignity Health Insurance for Children Tips and Advice
Raising Great Kids Guide to CHIP Programs
From Serving to Thriving... Get Insured for Single Parent
Online Resources
Kidhealth Parenting Teens Building the Integrity of Families
WebMD  Best Family Guide to First Aid Am. Psychological Association 
SnapMom Ask Dr. Sears Better Parenting Single Mothers Grants
NEA BBC Child N' Parent US Department of Education PBS Medline Plus Center for Parent Information....
Articles Psychology Today The Blissful Parent
PTO Central Advice for Parenting Parenting Resources Financial Guide for Widows: Building Credit
Single Parenting
Mayo Clinic Single Mother Guide American Psychological Association
Parenting Scholarly Articles  
Suicide Prevention Advice
APA NASP Online National Alliance.....
IPFW Help Guide Not My Kid  PBS Cry for Help
American. Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Purdue University Global Our Nations Young and Suicide
Sexual Guidance and Advice
Plan Parenthood  Focus on the Family Parenting Talking to Kids About Sex
Healthy Children Healthy Day Ages 6-12  Today's Parents Talking to Kids
Kids Health  Live Science  Parents Talking to Your Kids 
National Institute on Drug Abuse
Guidance and Advice on Education
PBS Family Kids Health Modern Mom Classroom Australian Government
Parent Rights Organization National Parent Teacher Association  
National Parent Organization
Kid Texting and Slang
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