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We use Wikipedia and YouTube on many of our pages. Some teachers don't accept Wikipedia as and informational source. They are a starting point but not a reliable primary source of information. Use them to get an understanding of the topic and check the information they give you. BY ALL MEANS DON'T COPY AND PASTE ANYTHING WITHOUT THE PROPER NOTATIONS!
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The Classroom

About Us

The Classroom is a totally free website that encourages, enhances and spreads educational resources.
About Us SandyFounded by Sandy Arroyo in 1991, The Classroom  was initially created as a resource for his students. Soon his fellow teachers asked for the same help and it eventually became independent and expanded to over 900 pages. The Site's main goal is to help all students, teachers, administrators, researchers, scholars, librarians, counselors and parents. It is and will always be a free source of advice, resources, instructions and internet materials for those who seek knowledge and advice.  With the help of David Kennedy, Terry Mulrooney and Audrey Kennedy it is now internationally recognized with multiple awards. All those who work diligently for The Classroom are volunteers who put in long hours of work and advice. Financially the site is supported by donations and the retirement income of Sandy Arroyo. We would appreciate a gift or donation of love to keep it online, the lights on and the computers running. Any gift of any amount would be appreciated to help sustain The Classroom. Click on the link to the left and help The Classroom grow and and continue to be a GREAT RESOURCE!
The Classroom Provides:
1. Students: advice in test taking, homework, study skills and guidance, information and financial aid.
2. Teachers, Administrators, Counselors: advice, materials, worksheets, lesson plans, test writing, classroom management, theories, methods, discipline, and parent conferences.
3. Parents: homework advice, school evaluation, discipline, conferences, financial aid and parenting
The Classroom About Us
How does one use The Classroom?
The Classroom is comprehensive yet simple to use. You have three ways of finding information.
1. Click on the search engine. Type in a keyword and click find.
2. Click on the Index-Sitemap and find the topic you seek.
3. Web Resources: Websites, videos, online books, databases, statistics and other primary and secondary sources await you. Once on one of our pages, just click on any of the links that opens sites related to your field of interest.