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Administration Advice 
AdministrationSchool Administration:  Those school officials who are responsible for the maintaining the curriculum, building, discipline, professional practices and security of a school.
1. Your teachers are the best source of advice, expertise and support, trust and recognize their opinions, information and advice.
2. Treat your staff with respect and understanding.
3. Select your staff based on their expertise, training, experience and temperament, not because you need a coach.
4. Base your budget around the needs of the students and the teachers.
5. Defend your staff against unjust criticism.
6. Set up an advisory committee of your staff and meet with them regularly to discuss day by day, week by week and yearly issues.
7. Establish links with the students to address their concerns.
8. Never lose your sense of humor. Sometimes a smile or a kind word in the right situation can prevent a frustrating and embarrassing situation.
9. Discourage clicks and the gossip that can and will occur in any school.
10. If your system is Unionized, listen to the representative and make all efforts to prevent the issue from escalating into a grievance or lawsuit.
11. Never lose your temper, those that anger you will control you. Maintain a positive attitude that opens the door to a positive school.
12. If you find yourself in a situation you are having trouble solving, contact other administrators and see if they have found unique ways of adjudicating the issue.
13. If you are new to the position remember that the relationships you had when you were a teacher or coach is not the same. Remember you are now an authority figure with different expectations.
14. Make sure that any discipline rule or action is equal and matches the intensity of the offense.