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Climate Change Blog

BlogClimate  is the prevailing weather conditions (winds, temperature, air pressure, humidity, rain, sunshine, and cloudiness) of a region of the earth over a long period of time i.e. decades, centuries and longer periods. Weather on the other hand is the condition of a region or Earth over a short period of time such as days or weeks.
Climate Change is the process by which the Earth's Climate is making changes do to human and natural causes. Today we face the likelihood of dramatic modifications.
Climate Change November 6 2019
Climate ChangeThe Earth is reaching a climatic nexus in our environment, geographic, and political history. There are a number of causes for change, however an overwhelming number of scientist are deeply concerned over the rapidly increasing temperatures, rising sea levels, melting ice and an ever increasing amount of gases and particulates in the air. Every day we hear, read and see many disturbing signs of change; rising number and strength of storms, raging wildfires, world wide droughts, animal extinctions, and diseases .

Solutions are available if only we are willing to exert the necessary personal and government initiatives. I agree with Greta Thunberg's  world wide protest of a growing number of young people speaking out and protesting that they want to inherit a viable world. We are facing a crossroads in our human existence and the existence of our planet, as we know it. We must decide which is more important greed, power, egos or an environment that is sustainable, balanced and suitable for generations to come.
Here are some suggestions that we need to keep in mind when thinking about the environment:
1. Stay informed about the issue. Don't let climate change become a secondary issue.
2. Join and contribute to Organizations whose purposes are to protect and preserve our planet
3. Don't buy or support companies that ignore or work against the preservation of our environment. The power of the purse is truly an assume tool.
4. Plant trees, shrubs and other plants that will take CO2 out of the environment.
5. Hold governmental officials accountable for their voting and policy decisions that will affect our environment.
6. Don't count on others to express their concerns or act on climate change. Do your active part.
7. Work with your neighbors through sites as Nextdoor, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Neighborhood Organizations and block parties to encourage and actively work to change the understanding of the crisis we are facing.
8. Check our Advice page for resources on how to save our planet.