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Classroom Walls and Teacher Bulletin Board Ideas  
Creative bulletin board ideas 
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Bulletin Boards
TeachersBulletin Boards: a pin board or notice board which is used to provide messages, information or announcements for students, teachers or parents.
Classroom Resources
Classroom Resources
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Online Books

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By Anthony D. Fredericks

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By Michael Gravois

Bulletin Bored? Or Bulletin Boards!: K-12

By Patricia Sivak, Mary Anne Passatore
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DLK's Bulletin Board Project Ideas
1.Make the board relevant to the topic and or subject matter in your classroom.
2. Add humor and color to make it interesting and attractive.
3. Keep it on a level with the student's level of understanding.
4. Get the students involved with its development. You might find a budding artist or thinker in the group.
5. If you allow students to create the board monitor their progress for accuracy and appropriateness,
5. Check the board frequently, unwanted changes can be made as a prank or
sabotage (hackers not only prowl the internet).
6. Keep it simple yet comprehensive. Too much material can cause fatigue and confusion.