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TeachersSites that provide games to enhance the educational process. Games can, if used properly, provide an effective way of introducing new information and reinforcing existing material.
Online Resources
BBC Mindtease Games Kids Play TeAchnology Fun Games
Wikipedia Cyberkidz Game Aquarium TeAchnology Web Tool Games
PBS Kids Fun Brain Education World Free Kids Education Games
Scholarly Articles Academic Skill Builders Stanford University
Inside Higher Ed Scientific America Wiley Online Library
Chess as an Education Tool
Chess Edu Education World Cypress High Chess Club
KCFE How To Learn Chess A Learning Tool
KidChess Chessable Educational Benefits of Chess
ChessU The Chess School ChessHouse-Roll of Chess in Education
The Case for Chess as a Tool to Develop Our Children’s Minds
Simulation Games
Simulation Education Sites
Free Library Pedagogy in Action Creative Teaching Sites
edutopia eHow-Simulation Games Technology and Education
Why You Should Use US History Simulations
Educational Games
Classroom Activities and Games
Teach Hub Edutopia One Stop English
Pinterest Ice Breakers Angela Watson Education World
Top Hat FloCabulary Jump Start  
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