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English and American Literature
Little Known Facts:
Huffington Post 12 Fascinating Facts About Famous Literature
Buzzfeed 20 Literary Facts To Impress Your Friends With - Trivia Trivia about books and literature
AF&G Books and Literature Facts
Online Books  
English Literature Cultural Influences of Early to Contemporary Voices
English Literature for Boys and Girls Cambridge History of 20th Century English Literature
Oxford Encyclopedia of British Literature Black British Literature: Novels of Transformation
The Oxford Companion to English Literature The Broadview Anthology of British Literature
Online Resources
Visitbritain Luminarium Review of English Studies The Literary Encyclopedia
Wikipedia Timeline Literary Resources English Literature on the  Web
BBC British Authors English Literature Essays British Literature Classzone
Biblio British Literature British/American Lit British Council on Literature
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American Literature American Literature Textbooks Students' History of American Literature
Up from Slavery All American Encyclopedia American Literature Textbook
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Biographies American Writer Simonds History of American Literature
Wikipedia American Literature American Literature Classics
AcademicInfo American Authors