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What is a Life Skill?
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Life Skills

GuidanceLife Skills: a subject that teaches individuals methods by which he or she can cope with issues they may face as adults. There are many facets in this category, each one intertwined to create a unique individual. Discovering, enhancing and developing these facets is a challenge to any counselor, parent or teacher.
Guidance Vocational Career Center Career Guides
Guidance Vocational Career Center Career Guide
Home Economics Business Ethics Glossary
Home Economics Business Ed. Ethics glossary
Online Books 
Time Management     
Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life Living Wisdom of the Tao 
On Course: Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life  
Teen Success!: Ideas to Move Your Mind 
Serving Teen Parents: From Literacy to Life Skills: From Literacy to Life Skills
Online Resources 
Wikipedia  Indian Journal of Psychiatry
SlideShare  Successful Student   Character Development
UNICEF  Miracle Foundation  Counsel of Exceptional Children
MayoClinic Skills You Need  Essential Life Skills Articles
World Education Scholarly Articles  Teaching Cooperative Skills
Education World  World Health Organization Life Skills Education Toolkit
Family Education  The Center for Life Skills