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Middle School Art/Music
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TeachersCreating something that expresses feelings, emotions, fears, hopes and enjoyment using multiple mediums such as paint, pencil, ink, music, photography and computer graphics. Below are sites that will advise the Middle School teacher on how to teach them many forms of art and music.
Chorus  art  Methods  Strategies Glossary
Music Art Resources   Methods  Strategies Glossary
Online Books Art
Teaching Art: Elementary Through Middle School By George Szekely, Julie Alsep Buckham
Art Lessons for the Middle School: A Dbae Curriculum By Nancy Walkup Reynolds
Teaching Art: A Complete Guide for the Classroom By Rhian Brynjolson
Children and Their Art: Art Education for  Elementary and Middle Schools By Michael Day, Al Hurwitz
Teaching Art with Books Kids Love: Teaching Art Appreciation... By Darcie Clark Frohardt
Online Books-Music 
Middle School General Music: The Best Part of Your Day By Elizabeth Ann McAnally
Growing Musicians: Teaching Music in Middle School and Beyond By  Bridget Sweet
Becoming a Choral Music Teacher: A field Experience Workbook by Patrice Madura Ward-Steinman
Discovering Voice: Voice Lessons for Middle and High School By Nancy Dean
Art  Music  Photography  Dance  Sculpture 
Kinder Art Music For Kids PE Central Getty Edu.
Teach. Creativity Teaching Channel Digital-photo. Mr. Horner Blick
Edutopia TeAchnology Digital Wish TutuTix Teach Kid..
Incredible Art Dept TeacherVision EduTopia Dance Teach Art of Edu.
Scholarly Articles on Art and Music