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Teaching Writing to Middle School Students
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Teaching Higher Order of Thinking
Writing Projects : Fun Writing Activities for Middle School
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Middle School English
How to Teach.....

TeachersA part of curriculum which is based in the language of The United Kingdom. It includes reading, writing and understanding its culture. Below are sites that are designed to advise Middle School teachers how to teach English.
English Lesson Plans Worksheets Strategies Theories and Methods
English Resources Lesson Plans Work Sheets Strategies Methods
Online Resources English Spelling
eHow Virtual Middle School Library Spelling4Learning eHow Teaching Writing  Teaching Spelling for Retention
PBS edutopia eHow Spelling Activities Games
Teacher Vision Masters in English Education World Vocabulous Literature
WebEnglishTeacher Busy Teacher edutopia
British Council BBC Poetry Virtual Middle School Library
Virtual Middle School Library Adlit
ReadWriteThink Better Lessons Grammar
Teach Thought edutopia eHow
Internet4Classroom Scholastic Grammar Bites Scholastic Daily Grammar
TechwithMovies Punctuation Grammar for Middle Schoolers
Media Literacy Lessons Worksheets Composition
MLA Style Guide Time4Writing National Writing Project
Humble-Cititations National Writing Project Thoughts towards Composition
EduGuide Punctuation Games Middle School Writing Prompts
Purdue Online Guide Teaching Channel Education World Writing Bugs
TeacherVision Letter Writing Read Write Think Virtual Middle School Library