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Instructional Strategies for Middle and Secondary Social Studies Methods, Assessment, and Classroom
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Middle School Social Studies
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TeachersA part of curriculum which studies the interaction of people, the environment, the economy and the past. Middle School teachers are responsible for teaching those foundational skills for the social studies courses they will take in high school. 
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Online Resources
NCSS  Teaching Today National Council of Social Studies
Finding Dulcinea  I Love That Idea Strategies to Teach Social Studies
CSUN TeAchnology National Curriculum Standards
Civic Sites Education Week Social Studies in Action
Simple Ideas Teaching Channel Teaching Social Studies Authentically
Corner Stone Social Action Teaching Virtual Middle School Library
Great Schools Best History Sites Motivational Strategies
Education World Project Based Learning  Education Week Teacher
United States History
Eastconn Documents  John Trainer  Middle Web Teaching History
World History 
eHow  Middle Web World History for All of Us   
Mr. Dunn  Mr. Dresel Education World  Teaching Ideas  ThoughtCo
Current Events 
ehow  CSUN  eduplace New York Times Education World