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Research Department

LibraryResearch Department: the area of the library where individuals can search for information on specific topics. It is a great place to find articles, journals, reference books, videos, dvds and newspapers.
Library  Research Search Engine  Historical Methods  Scientific Method
Library  Search Engines  Historical Method  Scientific Method
Podcasts  Research Guide  LIbrary  Ask a Librarian
Podcasts  Research Guide  Resources  Ask an Expert
Online Books
Research Methodology By Kumar  A Project Guide for University Students
A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners  A Beginner's Guide to Doing a Research.. 
Exploring the Interactive Continuum Research Methodology By Bhattacharya  
Online Resources  
A+ Research and Writing Guidelines for Academic Level Research 
Regis University  Seven Steps in Writing a Research Paper
Wikipedia  Prepare a Working Bibliography/Reference..
Articles Journals Reading Online  Wikipedia-List By Country 
Wikipedia-Index  Education Next  Journal of Statistics Education
Education Bug Teachers College Record 
EdArticles  Education Week Teacher Education Quarterly 
National Forum Journals  Google Scholarly Articles Educational Leadership 
Academic Leadership  ERIC Resource Center  
Source Aid Cosmo Learning  MakeUseofit  Documentary Films 
SnagFilm Free Documents Best History Sites Documentary Tube 
Frontline Document Net  Search Gateway Documentary Heaven 
MoviesFoundOnline Documentary Film Network
Documentary Storm Watch Documentaries Online 
Online Documentary Free Online Documentaries
Online Research Tools
MLA Format Education Index Tools for writing A Research Guide   
MLA Guide Reference Desk National Archives Dictionaries  
Thesauri  Wikipedia Virtualsalt Access My Library  
The Literary Ency.   Internet Public Library Smithsonian Institution
WWW Virtual Library How to Write an Research Proposal Guide
Guide to Online Academic Research  A Research Guide for Students
Library of Congress Online Colleges Academic Research Guide
Fractus Learning How Cite Online Sources
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