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TeachersHigh School: the period of learning following Middle School usually 9th, 10th 11th and 12th grade.
Art: Creating something that expresses feelings, emotions, fears, hopes and enjoyment using multiple mediums such as paint, pencil, ink, music, photography and computer graphics.
Music: a form of art in which the artist uses instrumental or oral  sounds (sometimes in combination) to express emotions, feelings, a story or harmony. This is the preferred medium of singers, dancers, bands and orchestras.
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Online Books Art
Art History and Education By Stephen Addis, Mary Erickson
Teaching Art: A Complete Guide for the Classroom By Rhian Brynjolson
Art Lesson Handbook: A Guide for Teaching Art in the Classroom and for Home ...
The Art Museum as Educator: A Collection of Studies as Guides to Practice ...
Teaching Talented Art Students: Principles and Practices By  Gilbert Clark, Enid Zimmerman
Arts Education for Gifted Learners By Jesse Rachel  Cukierkom
Online Books-Music 
Practical Theory Complete A Self Instruction Theory Course by Sandy Feldstein
Theory and Practice of Technology-Based Music Instruction By Jay Dorfman
Using Technology to Unlock Musical Creativity by Scott Watson
Teaching Music Through Composition: A curriculum Using Technology By Barbara Freedman
Discovering Voice: Voice Lessons for Middle and High School By Nancy Dean
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