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Teacher Competency
TeachersTeacher Competency: the process by which an educator is judged to have the expertise and skill to handle a classroom. All test should be bias free and should judge the teacher's knowledge of subject matter, educational methods and strategies.
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Online Resources
AFT Standards for Teacher Competence in Educational Assessment of Students
Sage Journal
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Judith Lohman Article Teacher Competency Tests in Selected States: Alternatives Exemptions and Scoring Flexibility
David E. Tanner Article The Competency Test's Impact on Teacher's Abilities
University of Washington-College of Education
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AFT Developed Study to Determine the Standard of Student Teachers
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Findlaw Pro-Con New Today AFT Tenure Tenure History Scholarly Articles
Online Books
Assessment, Testing and Evaluation in Teacher Education.
Assessing Teacher Competency: Five Standards-Based Steps to Validate...
UNESCP OCT Competency Framework for Teachers.