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Teacher Homework Guide
TeachersHomework: School work assigned by a teacher that is designed to reinforce work done in the classroom. Never give homework as a punishment, it should always be a reinforcement of what is covered in the classroom, a tool to teach research skills and preparation for a quiz or test.
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1. Homework should not be a substitute for instruction but only used as a reinforcement or preparation for your current topics of study.
2. Make the topic relevant to what is being studied.
3. Keep the work on the level of your students.
4. Unless it is a long range project limit the estimate time of completion to one hour.
5. Never issue homework as punishment.
6. Explain what is expected of the student clearly in both oral and written form.
7. In both written and oral form explain to parents what is expected of them in helping the student with their homework.
8. Don't use other teacher's assignment unless you have reviewed the work for consistency, accuracy and relevance.
9. Follow the state and county guidelines when assigning the homework.
10. If possible try to avoid assigning homework during holidays and weekends.
11. Try to maintain the 10 minute rule (authorized by the PTA and NEA) which states that the maximum amount of  homework should be no more than 10 minutes per night for each grade level.