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BlogWelcome to our Blog! Do you have an Idea about current education? Here is a place for you to state what is on your mind. Please this is not a place to advertise your company or products! Such a comment will not be posted! All comments must be relevant, non commercial, legal, civil, education related, non threatening,  and non-political.
The opinion below are the result of my professional experiences as an: historian, webmaster, master teacher, teacher's union vice president and president, parent and grandparent.
October 24 2019
 Grants and FundingOften when budgets get tight the first place the cities, states, county and federal government make cuts is in the school systems. This is foolhardy and short sighted. We should always make our children the centerpiece of our drive to make life better for all our citizens. Furthermore lately I have seen a movement to underfund and undercut the support of public education through home schools, vouchers, charter schools and legislation. The extensive research in the reports by the NEA Research: School Funding, The Conversation (Articles) and the Albert Shanker Institute Does Money Matter in Education analyzed how money is being spent and utilized. Public schools are the life blood of our culture and achievement. It created our middle class and assured every student that they could achieve their dreams and aspirations.