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BlogWelcome to our Blog! Do you have an Idea about current education? Here is a place for you to state what is on your mind. Please this is not a place to advertise your company or products! Such a comment will not be posted! All comments must be relevant, non commercial, legal, civil, education related, non threatening,  and non-political.
The opinion below are the result of my professional experiences as an: historian, webmaster, master teacher, teacher's union vice president and president, parent and grandparent.
Charter, Private, Parochial Schools Vouchers and Subsidies-7:25 Sunday June 17,2017
SubsidiesPublic education evolved over time in the United States from the Boston Latin School to our modern community supported schools. The underlying hope of the parents, who paid their taxes and worked to maintain the mental and physical structures, was that their children would be educated and thus develop a better life. Drawing from the Age of Reason many felt that an education would make their children better, more informed citizens. The evolution was slow and bumpy but steadily improved the average persons thinking and questioning skills, creativity and understanding of our world. Eventually public education became the foundation of one of the world's greatest most influential middle class. Many of our religious, political, military and entrepreneurial leaders arose from the ranks of public education. Public schools are the great equalizer of our society.

Today a strong movement is trying to destroy this foundation and thus undercut the underpinnings of our middle class and social structure. By shifting money away from public schools and towards religious and private  systems the public schools are endanger of collapsing. The movement has for years undercut funding and support of the public schools and teachers, then showed outrage when the schools did not meet their expectations. Now they are demanding vouchers, subsidies and the creation of charter schools, which will cripple public schools and virtually seal its future. We will thus widen the growing gap in our society, economically, politically and socially.