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Middle School Teacher Lesson Plans

TeachersMiddle School: The transition years (6th, 7th and 8th grades) between Elementary School and High School. At one time this period was called Junior High School which covered 7th, 8th and 9th grades. Its stated purpose is to prepare the student for High School..
Lesson Plans: a teacher's outline of how a lesson would be presented, administered and evaluated.
High School Pedagogy Theories and Methods Web Resources Advice
Middle School Strategies Theories and Methods Web Resources Advice
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Wikipedia A to Z Teacher Stuff Middle Lesson Plan Search
Edhelper Lesson Planet Teacher's Net
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Blooms Taxonomy
Vanderbilt University Blooms Taxonomy Learning Verbs  
Wikipedia Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning Domains  
1. State the objective of the lesson clearly.
2. Review the materials and sites listed in The Classroom Lesson Plans page
3. Using Bloom's Taxonomy state whether the objective is psychomotor, affective, cognitive or any combination.
4. Designate what resources will be utilized.
5. Stipulate the time frame for completion.
6. Include a copy of any worksheet, quiz or test that will be used to evaluate the student's progress.
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