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Middle School Teacher Worksheets

TeachersMiddle School: The transition years (6th, 7th and 8th grades) between Elementary School and High School. At one time this period was called Junior High School which covered 7th, 8th and 9th grades. Its stated purpose is to prepare the student for High School..
A teacher worksheet: is a tool used by educators to reinforce the lectures, videos and textbooks in the instructional process. Worksheets are provided by the publisher, found on the internet and created by the teacher. They often contain some of the same question forms of a test (fill in the blanks, essay questions and true or false) along with maps, charts and graphs. In mathematics they are exercises for the required material. View our tips below in creating a worksheet.
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1. It must be relevant.
2. All answers must be found in the materials provided.
3. The level must match the age and understanding of the student.
4. All materials must be clear and easy to understand.
5. Read the worksheet and try it your self before you use it in the class.
6. Proof read the sheet for typos, grammar and inconsistency.
7. Put the objective at the head of the paper.
8. All instructions must be complete and easy to understand.
9. Add color, graphics and some humor.

TimeSavers For Teachers

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