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Summer Camp
ParentsSummer Camp: programs established for education, training and entertainment. With the end of the school year all parents must decide what to do with their children during the long hot summer days. Many parents pick summer camps as a way for their children to get away and enjoy themselves. Here are some sites to help you decide which camps are the best for you and your children.
CampPage Summer Camps Guide – Children's summer camps and wilderness programs for boys and girls in the United States and Canada.
Heloise-Parents should research summer camps for kids
Market Place-What to do with your kids this summer
Camp Guide-Looking for something to do this summer?
Newswise-Preparing Your Child for Summer Camp a Safety Guide for Children to Ease Parents’ Minds
SheKnows-Packing tips for overnight summer camp Money on Summer Camps for Kids
Camp-Parents-This is a comprehensive summer camp resource for families-It offers expert advice from camp professionals on selection, readiness, child and youth development and other issues.
Scary Mom-10 Tips for you to survive your child's first summer camp experience.
Summer Camp
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