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Test and Measurement
GuidanceThe method by which students are analyzed to judge the performance  and achievements of any student as an individual or as a group. Educators often refer to what psychologist call psychometrics to judge the accuracy of their results. Numbers are assigned to characteristics such as performance, achievement, traits, intelligence, aptitude, attitudes and interest.
College Entrance Standardized Testing Teacher Made Tests Aptitude Test Test Writing
College Entrance Standardized Teacher Made Aptitude Test Writing
Online Books

Educational Testing and Measurement, 11th Edition

By Tom Kubiszyn, Gary D. Borich

New Approaches To Measurement And Evaluation

By K.S. Sidhu

Educational Measurement and Evaluation

By J. Swarupa Rani
Education World Boosting Test Scores: "Principal" Strategies That Work
TeacherVision Guiding Principles for Assessment Accommodations
NEA Fighting the Stress of Teaching to the Test
Tips for Teachers in the Middle of Testing Season
Proper Use of Testing Psychometrics Testing Controversy
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Wikipedia Academia Brief History Educational Test and Measurement
Measurement Assessment and Evaluation in Education Article by Bob Kizlik