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Foreign Languages Resources
Foreign LanguageForeign Languages  are indigenous to another nation. An understanding of other people's languages and traditions can and will provide avenues for world peace.
Foreign Languages Language Center World History Foreign Languages Dictionaries
Foreign Languages Translator World History Careers Dictionaries
Journals JLTL ACTFL Wiley Online Library Electric Journal of FL Teaching
Statistics Eurostat Vistawide UW Madison Library
Podcasts Itunes Open Culture Online Degrees Free Language
Online Resources
BBC University of Texas FLTEACH WWW Language Learning Library
Foneteks F L Educators I Love Languages Vocabulary Training Exercises
Guardian Education Index Internet4 Classrooms Foreign Languages Associations
LingoZone Language Avenue Ethnologies Languages Database
Every Tongue Rosetta Project Languages-on-the-Web Free Technology for Teachers
Vocabulix SAGE Journal Learn Language Online Edudemic-Resources for Teachers
Wikipedia BBC Languages Say Hello to the World Foreign Language Center Students
Oniglot Vistawide Target Jobs International Student A World of Languages Blog
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