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ParentsParent: an individual or combination of individuals who are responsible for protecting, educating, disciplining and raising a child.
A good parent is one who loves his or her children unconditionally. They must be willing to protect and to encourage them. The best practice for any parent is to be the parent not their friend.
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"Genes are a parent's biggest contribution to a child's life. The child's biology determines his/her disposition and disposition determines the limits of some unknown range of opportunities and possibilities that exist throughout the childís entire life." Read More Don Berg
"Self-Esteem. Youths whose parents exhibit love, responsiveness, and involvement tend to have higher levels of self-esteem and internal selfcontrol." Read More Family Facts"
"A two-year-old child is generally more active than at any other point in their life. Itís for this very reason that no matter how hard you try to run after your little toddler, you just cannot match his energy levels." Read More at Medium Corp

"Parenting is a complicated game. The job description is actually very simple, but doing the job can be extremely challenging. Parenting is, in that sense, like the best games; they are simple to learn and can take a lifetime to master." Read More Don Berg