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Social Studies
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Social Studies Worksheets
TeachersSocial Studies: a part of curriculum which studies the interaction of people, the environment, the economy and the past.Work Sheets: a teacher worksheet is a tool used by educators to reinforce the lectures, videos and textbooks in the instructional process. Worksheets are provided by the publisher, found on the internet and created by the teacher. They often contain some of the same question forms of a test (fill in the blanks, essay questions and true or false) along with maps, charts and graphs. In mathematics they are exercises for the required material. View our tips below in creating a worksheet.
Social Studies
TeAchnology Softschools Teacher Planet Social Studies Online
Kiddyhouse Instructor Web Soft Schools
Discovery The Teacher Cafe Home Education Worksheets 4 Teachers
American History
Owl Teacher Student Handouts History on The New TLSBooks TeacherVisions ABCTeach
EduHelper ThoughtCo Mr Nausbaum US History Site
InstructorWeb History for Kids History on the Net TeacherCafe
World History
Owl Teacher Helping Teachers History on the Net
OwlTeacher I Love History Have Fun Teaching
Jumpstart School History TeAchnology Student Handout
Bized Teacher Corner Dineshbakshi Money Instructor Help Teaching Student Handouts Living in a Global Economy
Global... TeacherWeb    
EdHelper Help Teaching Educators Student Handouts Congress for Kids Mr. Beaupres Webpage
EcEdWeb TeacherVision    
TLS Books 5 Themes Enchanted Learning
ThoughtCo Teaching Tools SchoolNote-5 Themes OwlTeacher-5 Themes
TLS Books Sample Puzzle Student Handouts Medieval Life &Religion
TeAchnology BBC Schools Test Designer  
CBT Wellness Test Designer Therapy Worksheets
Study Sparknotes Psychology Tools Positive Psychology Worksheets
Mr. Dunn Test Designer Help Teaching Sociology for Kids
Sociology Sociology Handouts    
Ethnic Diversity
TeacherVision Teaching Tolerance A World of Difference    
Current Events
Hub Page Blank Current Event Form      
Miscellaneous Worksheets
Outline Maps Outline Blank Maps      
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