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Careers in Computer Science
Career Guide
Computer Science: an education program that works with computer repair, programming, hoaxes, legends, key boarding, robotics, artificial intelligence an and webpage design. Computer careers is one of the fasts growing fields in science. To enter the field you must have training and the understanding in all areas of computers.
Computer Science Computer Programming Web Design Computer Repair Business
Computer Class Programming  Web Design Repair Business
Online Resources
Indeed Glassdoor George Washington  University
Answers Bureau of Labor Statistics
The Balance CollegexPress Computing  Degrees/Careers
WiseGeeks University of Toronto Vocational Information Center
Back To School for Computer Science
Career Opportunities
Programmer Technician Web Designer
HowStuffWork Techspot WikiHow
EHow WiseGeek Paths of a Web Designer
WikiHow HowStuffWork 12 Tips for Becoming a Successful Web Designer
Becomeopedia WikiHow 53 Steps to become...Web Designer