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Endangered Languages
Endangered Languages
Endangered Languages: spoken languages that are on the brink of disappearing.
Little Known Facts
"The number of languages spoken worldwide today is estimated between 6000 and 7000. However, half of these are likely to disappear within this century. Alongside these languages, entire sections of human culture are threatened with extinction." Read more at Sorosor
Foreign Languages Department
Foreign Languages
Online Books
Our Languages Are Dying - Globalization by Kiplangat Cheruiyot..
Atlas of the Worlds Endangered Languages edited by Christopher Mosely
The Cambridge Handbook of Endangered Languages edited by P. Austin J. Sallabank
Endangered Languages: Language Loss and Community Response by Lenore A Grenoble, Lindsay J. Whaley
Encyclopedia of the World's Endangered Languages by Christopher Moseley
Online Recourses
ELAR Foundation National Geographic Endangered Language Library
HRELP Wikipedia Indigenous Languages Teaching Indigenous Languages
Answer Living Tongues Language & Linguistics Conservation-Endangered Languages
Terralingua Translation Blog Wikipedia List Alliance for Linguistic Unity
Sorosoro Scholarly Articles Languages Dying  National Science Foundation