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Earth Science
Earth Science
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Why is Arctic Ice Melting 50 Years too Fast
Howstuffworks Waterways
Conquests of the Waters
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GeographyOcean: a large body of salt water that separates the continents. They are the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Arctic.
Waterways: any body of water, either fresh or salt, that can be used for irrigation, power, water, transportation and recreation.
List of Waterways Water Systems Water Pollution Fishing Disaster
Waterway List Maps Water Pollution Fishing Disasters
Articles Reports Videos Books
Droughts Articles Books Videos
Online Resources
Smithsonian: Where Did Earth’s Water Originate? Solar Nebula, Study Suggests
Water input into the Mariana subduction zone estimated from ocean-bottom seismic data | Nature
IUCN Warming of Oceans is Growing Faster than Expected
Quizlet Simply Buckhead NOAA National Ocean Service
NOAA Scholastic Fisheries and Oceans Canada
ASCE Natures Crusaders Oceanic Society
United by Blue Wikipedia International Hydrographic Organization
Time Magazine These Charts Show How High Sea Levels Will Rise if Antarctica's Ice Continues to Melt
NPR-Earth's Oceans are Getting Hotter and Hotter and its Accelerating
These maps show the world’s rivers in stunning detail | World Economic Forum
Science Alert: Finally, We Have Some Good News About Those Lakes in The Arctic
Popular Science: Most large rivers don't flow freely anymore
Articles Reports Videos Books 
Floods Articles Books Videos 
Government Agencies
EPA  Dept of Interior  National Park Service
USGS  MarineBio Department of Agriculture 
NASA  Natural Resources   
UN Atlas of the Oceans  Holt Rineholt & Winston 
World Atlas-Seas & Oceans  World Atlas-Major Bodies Water 
Waterways Ecological Conditions
Scholarly Articles by Google EARTH -- Environmental condition
Life on Earth WHO-Drinking Water Quality
Global News Human Destruction Of Earth....
Savage Earth-PBS National Geographic Society
USGS-The Water Cycle... Marinebio-Habit Conservation
Tree Hugger This is what Earth will look like if we melt all the ice (Map)
National Geographic: The sea is running out of fish, despite nations’ pledges to stop it
Scientists looked at sea levels 125,000 years in the past. The results are terrifying
Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate
Online Books Essays
Oceans Underwater World
Survival Ocean The Ocean of Life: The Fate of Man....  
Oceans Essays Seas and Waterways of the World  
Oceans The Natural Tendencies of Rivers  
Earth's Oceans Learning About the Earth  
Oceans By Trevor Day Oceans By Fran Howard  
EPA EoEarth International Rivers Rivers of the World
USDA Wikipedia National Geographic Waterways..the World
World Atlas River Network U.S. Geo.. Survey
EPA UNESCO CIA Factbook Waterways of the World
NOAA  Google Oceans Global Water Partnership
MarineBio Wikipedia Scholarly Articles Smithsonian/NASA
Earth Once Swallowed Its Own Superocean. Could It Happen Again?
Pangea Gave Us Modern Oceans
Wikipedia Save Our Seas World Atlas National Geographic