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Journal of Geography and Natural Disasters
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Disasters Articles, Videos, Books

GeographyThe Earth and the people who inhabit it endure disasters both man made and of natural origin on a daily basis. They can cause monetary, physical and psychological tolls. 
Geography Weather Climate Forcasting Issues Earth Science


Weather Climate Forecasting Issues Earth Science
Natural Disasters
Natural Disasters
Online Books
Natural Disasters Natural Disasters By DE Alexander
Exploring..Disasters Natural Disasters By L.A. Davis
Illustrated History Coping with Natural Disasters
DK Eyewitness Books The Vulnerability of Cities
The Impacts.... Management of Natural Disasters
Human Disasters
Man Made Disasters
Online Books
Google Books Man-made Catastrophes
Man Made Disasters World's Deadliest Man-Made Disasters
Research Handbook Living with Hazards...Disasters
Disaster Management Regulating Disasters, Climate Change
Disaster Preparedness Handbook of Psychological Services
Online Articles Natural Disasters
Google Scholarly Articles Natural Disasters
Rebuilding After a Disaster Do You Stay of Leave?
Disaster Recovery: Getting the Most from Your Homeowners Insurance
Buying or Selling a Car After a Disaster
Salvaging Possession and Valuables After Disaster
Picking up the Pieces After Disaster
Political economy of large natural disasters: with special reference to developing countries
Taking the naturalness out of natural disasters
Vulnerability analysis and the explanation of 'natural' disasters
Do Natural Disasters Promote Long Run Growth?
Sites with Articles on Natural Disasters
Discovery Natural News Global Issues Scientific American
Live Science Global News Science Daily Live Science
Science News AP Association ESA Kids UN University
Online Articles Man Made Disasters
Google Scholarly Articles Man Made Disasters
Recovery from natural and man-made disasters as capabilities restoration and enhancement
Floods as man-made disasters
A sketch level method for assessing transportation network resiliency to natural disasters and man-made events
Sites with Articles on Man Made Disasters
Economist Sun Sentinel Rappler Reader Supported News
First Post Daily News Science Direct Economic Times